30hrs a day would be great

Time and speed, two things that I need more of. Spent some extra time really working out my rough sketches before I re-penciled them. That seemed to help out a lot in the end. I noticed yesterday I was having a tough time when I left too much open on my rough sketches. Still enjoying Preston Blair's over the top flair. Wish I had more time to work on my study, but on the upside I have a few days off this week. Which hopefully means more time to draw and time to work on my application for Animation Mentor.

I had no idea where I was gonna go with MiniArtemis, so I went with a harder action perspective that I haven't mastered quite yet. The head on action shot with hands out front, and in this case using a bow. I had to google some reference archery shots to get some of the angles and perspectives. That helped out a lot.

I was up last night until about 5am and then had to work in the morning so I was pretty sleepy. I was trying to think of what to do for today's Claude and his turtle sketch and this one just rolled out of my fingers.

I'm finally at the point where I have to think for a little bit about what I have and haven't done yet with Gilligan so tonight he's practicing being good.

I've listened to a lot of Art and Story Extreme in the last few days. Which is a great podcast. It blends comedy, personality, real life and art into a really enjoyable ~30 mins. They've been talking a lot about social media and where art and it's relationship with the internet are headed. Definitely worth listening to if you aren't already subscribed to their podcast. One of the guests they have on the show quite often is Kim Holm who is hilarious. He recently came up with this new idea of integrating Twitter into a choose your own adventure style illustrated web comic. Ever week or so he basically draws whatever story arc someone tweeted to him. With stuff like this happening and the onslaught of Twitter and Facebook and how much free art is available online I can't wait to see where the industry is gonna end up.