Late Late Night

Okay, I think I mean early morning. So I've got to figure out what to do. I either need to cut down on my drawing, cut back on everything else (which I don't have much to cut out left), or work faster. I haven't gotten a chance to make that sequence drawing into a gif yet. Hopefully tomorrow. I didn't even get to finish re-penciling (I need to just start inking) about half of the drawings I did earlier this evening. It's interesting trying to keep on model and stay true to the flow of action with every new drawing. I'm really enjoying the learning process.

Gilligan trying to walk like an Egyptian.

Claude and his turtle swashbuckling.

Wanted to try something a little less "cutesy" for a change so I thought I'd try out Robin Hood vs. a Demon.

The Mustache Bandit strikes again!

I cam across Herrera's Box Blog the other day on Twitter. His drawings are so dynamic and mix an old cartoony feel with a true comic book style. His drawing style instantly feels recognizable yet truly unique. Thanks for the inspiration!