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Sorry for not getting out an update last night. Spent most of yesterday and a chunk of today getting my internet working again. So tonight is the first ever DOUBLE POST! Still not getting as much time to work on my Preston Blair study as I'd like. I just adore his style. I have to remember to stay on model. Keeping proportions equal, new angles for hands, and maintaining consistent perspectives were my tough spots on these ones.

Gilligan rub a dub dubbing and preparing for Toy Story 3!

Claude and his turtle goofing off.

I've gotten through all the Greek gods that I know a significant amount about. So I'm having to do a bit of research each day for Minithology. Tonight's cast members are Hestia and Dionysus.

The night before last I watched part of Fantasia 2000! Wow what a great movie. The animation is just captivating. Anyways, I was thinking about the Sorcerer's Apprentice skit and the Drunk Bumble Bee animation short (I'll have to find a link for this one), while sitting on the phone waiting for my ISP to figure out what was going on, so sketched this little apprentice riding a bumble bee.

Working on a project that I can't really say to much about right now, but I like this character design concept I came up with for it.

I mentioned Fantasia 2000 a little bit earlier and while I'm only half way through it, I love what I've watched so far. The whales flying in the air scene was beautiful, but what really caught my attention was Rhapsody in Blue. Simply breathtaking. I've talked about how I love Hirschfeld before, but I never knew this existed until now. He creates such great characters and each one has so much personality and life. I'd love to be able to draw like him. Just keep practicing.

Which brings me to today's inspiration. I caught the tail end of Chris Oatley's Artcast on Ustream tonight. It was great. Toward the end of the show they asked for questions and they actually used my question to wrap up the evening. I asked, "What advice do you have for artists just starting out?". The panel he had on said some great things. I'll try to recap what they said. Find your passion. Just keep drawing, learning, looking, and researching. Be open to criticism. Keep good connections with your friends and colleagues, and surround yourself with artists that are better and worse than you. So that you can learn from their experiences and knowledge and share it with others. Thanks for the great tips!

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