Stay on target, stay on target

Pretty tired tonight, but I still wanted to get an update out before I went to bed. I didn't have hardly any time to draw today so I had to do a lot of my roughs on the go and stay up late just to clean them up. Between Eric Goldberg's webinar about timing yesterday and Preston Blair's bouncing movement I'm starting to learn a lot more about animation. It's really fascinating.
Go buy yourself a rubber bouncy ball from a quarter machine and bounce it a few times. Watch how it moves. When it starts to descend it feels slow, then it really picks up speed and when it hits the floor it seems to squash itself and then the equal and opposite reaction occurs.

Gilligan on parade!

Claude's spinachaphobia flaring up again.

Just when our little hero thought he had escaped the worst and was preparing for his next move, the Swinenstein summoned all his rage and energy into a lung collapsing mystical ring of death encompassing increasingly tighter around our hero's neck.

Pirate a Day

As a little boy I really didn't have that much time to watch TV, but on Saturday mornings I would wake up early, flop on the couch with a giant bowl of Golden Grahams and devour my weekly dose of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The plot is a little out there, the story is just a bit over the top, but I couldn't take my eyes off the characters. Every episode I couldn't wait to see what bizarre, outlandish, fun creature they would come up with for the turtles to befriend or fight. As I'm drawing more and more I find myself looking back at what I love, finding out all about it to try and decipher what I really drew me into it. I think for the Ninja Turtles it really was the character design. I did a little research on some of the character designers for "TMNT" and I came across Elyse Pastel. Her illustrations are still as lively, fun, and playful as the stuff I loved as a kid. Thanks for the Inspiration!

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