Another new week of classes! I can't wait to see what amazing stuff I learn!

Roughed out some poses that exude excitement.

Today I got a lovely critique from Aaron Hartline! Who I was already following on Twitter for quite a while. What a treat! If you haven't checked out his Post it blog, go there now! It's awesome.

Here's what he had to say:
"Great pose! Feels very pushed!!

Below are a few comments, hopefully they are helpful:
1) Sketchbook 1 - make sure to always add the line of action when doing your pose sketches. The LOfA will give you alot of important information, such as the flow of the spine, how the limbs flow in and out of it, silohette, and balance.
2) Sketchbook 1 - dont concern yourself with clothes, hats, etc. The more simple the better!! Rather by just drawing loose stick figures that really pay attention to line of action, weight, balance, and silohette - you will get much more dynamic poses!
3) Sketchbook 2 - Push the screen left leg down a little bit more towards the ground. Right now its too close to the back arm, making the silohette a bit cluttered.
4) Sketchbook 2 - Rotate the head slightly towards screen left so it looks like he is running away from whatever is chasing him. This will create a more storytelling pose - maing you wonder what is he running from?

Great start - a few tweaks and your set!

I thought about doing the leg before, but I hadn't considered tilting the head I think it really helps the image a lot!

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