And how do you know she is a witch?

Having trouble maintaining a good schedule, and I think it's cutting into my drawing. Worked on some more Preston Blair witches. I really like his expressions. Struggled a bit with some of the hands, adding over dramatic skinny and boney fingers looks cool, but it's hard to keep anatomically correct.

Gilligan's adventures of the day.

I was really in the mood to play with my puppy, but still wanted to get the rest of my drawings done. Thus Claude and his turtle got to spend some time together. On both the Gilligan and Claude drawings I draw them with a 5h mechanical pencil as apposed to my Preston Blair studies which I do with a 2H and then repencil with a 5H. I originally only used a 2H and was hesitant with the 5H cause it's so dark and there's a smaller margin for error. Now I find myself really liking the look and feel of the 5H, and having a hard time staying with the 2H. I'm still far away from being comfortable drawing with a Sharpie.

My family got our first IBM computer when I was around 9. A few months before, my grandparent's got a PC and there's came with King's Quest VI. I would love to go over there and play it. I was completely enthralled with the characters, the environments, the style, the music, everything about it. For my next birthday, my parent's got me a copy. It was love at first install. To this day the art of that game still inspires me. So much so that I did a little research and found one of the game's artists. John Shroades is still working as an illustrator and his drawings are just as captivating as the stuff I loved as a kid. Check out some of his outrageous fantasy characters! They are so original and full of life.

A whimsical adventurer reminiscent of King Graham.

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