Such a Lovely Day!

I really enjoyed studying Preston Blair's kid drawings today. They reminded me a lot of the Golden Books I used to read and watching School House Rock!I still have a hard time drawing some of the limbs as simplistic as he does. Anyway, I hope I did them justice.

Gilligan Wars!

Claude and his turtle

Went out for a walk with my puppy and Rhys. It was such a lovely day. If you haven't spent some time outside lately it really is refreshing. Look at all the different colors in nature, they're so unique.

I stumbled across Joanna Davidovich's Blog this morning. Wow what a talent! I've never heard of her before or seen her work, but after today I'm hooked. Her expressions and style are adorable. If you get a chance watch her Monkey Rag animation sequence. It's beautiful!

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