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Today's Inspiration:
wherever I go I try to have pencil and paper handy.

For me it’s always been about art. So, my master plan is just “A-B-C” … Always Be Creating.

We made a really cool art style here that is in my opinion, similar to some of the
old Disney movies where it may not be the highest technical quality or its not
pushing the most polygons but it’s just a fun style, you know? Mickey Mouse is still
popular around the world and he’s not the most technically evolved character around.
Characters like Popeye are still around. Characters like Scooby Doo …
if you just make something that’s cool and people enjoy playing it, that’s the first thing right?
And if you can make an art style that can still hold up over the years…

- Samwise Didier

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Jin

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